Norman Kekki Illustration

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This is the archway the homeowners wanted to spice up with some flowery vines and a few butterflies.
I decide to paint a simple trellis to give the vines a framework structure. Here i begin drawing out the lattice with pencil.
Once my pencil work is done, I begin laying in some base color for the redwood lattice.
painting in a simple shadow and highlight on each segment of the lattice gives a real nice 3D effect.
This is where the fun begins! Now I can start laying in the vines!
Got to give the vines a home, so in go the pots.
I chose the Bouganvillea vines brilliant neon pinks and reds to best match the colors in the room.
Finished! I knew the homeowner was a big fan of frogs, so i threw in a couple tree frogs hidden in the vines! It took her a couple of days to find them!!
Finished view from underneath.
Finished view straight on.